2018 Jingle Bells Bazaar Recap

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Message From Bazaar Co-Chairs, Tori Pough and Suzy Shore
For more than 90 years, the St. John’s Christmas Bazaar has kicked off the holiday season for St. John’s parishioners and the community, and this year the tradition continued in grand style. Importantly, sales from the Preview Party, the Bazaar and the Mini-Bazaar generated $24,500 for local organizations supporting women and children in need. In addition to that significant fundraising achievement, the Bazaar succeeded in bringing together more than 120 St. John’s parishioners, staff and friends who volunteered their time and effort with camaraderie and good humor. That kind of fellowship is truly priceless.

While the Bazaar itself only lasts for a few hours, all the planning takes months. Organizing began over the summer and the process from set-up to clean-up extended across ten full days. Volunteers worked tirelessly to ensure that every area included well-priced and attractively displayed items; even a surprise snowstorm mid-week couldn’t deter everyone from working to make each area organized and appealing. The list of special contributions that made the Bazaar a success is long and deep. To all those who set up, cleaned up, priced, sold, crafted, cooked, poured, ladled, came up with a new idea or lent some muscle power… Thank You!

Thank you to all the volunteers who made our Annual Christmas Bazaar a success!

Couldn’t do without… Tori Pough and Suzy Shore, co-chairs; Laura Rawlings, Francisco Vargas, Chris Marmora Palmer, Diane Goodman, Treasurer; Deb Goodman, morning and evening work week coffee, homemade treats and cleanup; and work week lunches provided by Jackie Plumez, Ellen Martin, Tori Pough, Diane Goodman and Nancy Pierson. … And, no doubt there were others!

Set up Sunday – Ken Bond and Alex Hoerle, Bill & Julia Blanchard, Karen Gray

Clean Up trash and treasured donations, led by Carolyn Gallaher and Diane and Phil Oldham, along with the help of Eileen Hayward, Diane Langone, Deb Campbell, Ellen Martin, Bob Rainier, Dorothy Rainier, Jmel Wilson, Wendy McFee Sophie Kent, Christine Arrington, Cindy Mao, Russ Piekarski and Ali and Marino Radovich who brought a team of boys from the Lion’s Heart organization to assist.

Café in the Undercroft, led by Lisa Young and her team: Nancy Pierson, Karen Gray, Nikki Eustace, Kathy Brenner, Betsy Steers, Carla Berry, Ann Kirkham, Nancy Gardiner, Holly Gluck, Betsy Bradley, Ellen Martin, Lex Klancik, Eliza Crocker and Abby Bennett

Children’s Extravaganza, led by Kelly Chubet and her team of: Tiffany Andrade, Sara Atallah, Lila Bankston, Betsy Bradley, Dami Burckin, Charlie Chubet, Logan & Lucas Chubet, Sandy Constabile, Carrie Dean, Melissa Foglia, Lucy & Peter Foglia, Christine Grubert, Annie Keefer, Teresa Kim, Isabella & Mateo Kim, Shani Sherman, Colton & Miles Sherman, Grace DeSouza and Jackie Pawloff.
Collectibles led by Susan Emery, Ellen Martin, Pat Melrose

Electronics and Renewables, led by Frank Pierson and Bob Goodman, along with Tom Amlicke, John Bradley, Bob Rainier, Tom Constabile, Burt & Deidre Corwin, Russ Piekarski, Scott Swanezy, and Ed Yocum

Handicraft Table, led by Carole Woods, assisted by Carla Berry and Bernice Johnson and also the crafty contributors of Linnet Tse, Debbie Campbell, Tori Pough, Sue Wahrhaftig, Debby Satula, Robin Ingram, Jackie Pawloff and Peggy Wormuth

Home for the Holidays, led by Carolyn Chubet, Cate Jarrett, Cathy O’Keefe and the team of Judy Santamaria, Linda Banta, Ellen Payne, and Grace Jarrett

Jewelry, led by Barbara Gessler and her team: Deb Marquardt, Bernadette Leccese, Kerry Leccese, Mary Conway, Dorothy Rainier, Judy Santamaria, Erica Bucci, Charlotte Wray and Susan Amlicke.

Make & Bake Table, led by Adrienne Skinner and Deb Campbell, with much help from Janet Beal, Bev Nalven, Catherine Scott, and Susan Amlicke, along with the many bakers who dropped off delicious delights to sell!

Music – thanks to Amy Jaswal for organizing the Junior Symphonia

Preview Party, led by Diane Goodman and helpers: Tim & Nancy Gardiner, David Melrose, Jackie & Jean Plumez

Publicity – Jill Brennick, Kris Simko, Linnet Tse, Suzy Shore

Silent Auction – Lucy Yocum, Laura Hoffman, Janet O’Connell, Susan Swanezy and the many generous donations from parishioners!

Sporting Goods and Outdoor Equipment, led by Diane Langone and Amanda Norman, with the help of Tim Gardiner, Dan Vanderwoude, Patrick and Thomas Langone.

White Elephant, led by Nancy Pierson and Linnet Tse along with helpers: Peggy Wormuth, Tess James, Betty Comerford, Amy Van Den Dijssel, Kris Simko, Margot Chrystal and Peter Schnur, Nancy Gardiner, Joan Motyka, Carla Berry, Melany Gray, Sophie Kent, MaryLee Bradley, Christine Pototschnik, and Carolyne Allen.

Thank you all!