“Although it hardly seems possible, I have been a member of St. John’s for 21 years. When you’ve been a member of any church for that long, you will have experienced a significant number of life’s joy and sorrows, including births and deaths of loved ones; baptisms, confirmations and weddings; good health and illness.  Not surprisingly, all the stuff of life has found its way to me in the years I’ve been at St. John’s.  The thing that underpinned all those experiences was the constancy of St. John’s. So above all, St. John’s means community to me. It means being in the pews together. It means paying attention to whom we are praying for each week and remembering to keep them in our prayers. It means internalizing something from a sermon which resonates weeks later, sometimes when I least expect it.  Being a member of this community is the most important way that I know God’s presence in my life as I am touched again and again by God’s reach through your kindness and generosity of spirit.” [Read more . . . ] – Carla Berry

Just as worship at St. John’s is a congregational, or group, experience, so, too, is fellowship activity outside of the Sunday service. You can speak to any member of the clergy or call the church office at (914) 834-2981 on ways to get involved with these activities.

For more information on some of our on-going fellowship and service opportunities:


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