Other Fellowship/Service Opportunities

Throughout the year, there are many other chances to gather with members of St. John’s. For example, the parish comes together for our progressive dinner, held in small groups at members’ houses, the Shrove Tuesday pancake supper, and the annual church picnic. These events are open to all, and are announced in the weekly news bulletin.

Service groups within the church also provide fellowship opportunities, particularly for newcomers.

    • The Altar Guild prepares the altar for all worship services and cares for the vessels and linens used. Members deliver altar flowers weekly to parishioners who are homebound, sick or experiencing special joys or concerns. A fuller description of the Altar Guild is found here.
    • Ushers provide hosting services at 10 a.m. services, passing the collection plate and neatening up the church after the service. Click here to sign up online. Simple instructions are on the signup schedule.
    • Eucharistic ministers participate with the clergy in the liturgy, leading the Psalm and the Prayers of the People, and assisting in the distribution of Communion at every service.
    • Lectors read the scripture lessons during the liturgy.

Some resources for the above-mentioned groups can be found here.

If you are interested in serving in any of these ministries or would like more information please call  the parish office (914-834-2981) or email [email protected] for more information.

Other members of the St. John’s community simply stand up to fill a need that their skills and services can address.