Pastoral Care Ministry

“When my son was ill for several years, I was buoyed and supported not just by prayers, but by gifts of soup and dinner.  Anyone who has ever been the caregiver for a very ill family member knows how emotionally, spiritually and physically uplifting the surprise gift of food can be. So it makes me happy to pass on the gift sometimes through the Pastoral Care group.” [Read more . . .] – Dr. Jacqueline Hornor Plumez

We are reminded each week in the service leaflet that all members of our St. John’s congregation are ministers.  With this in mind, a group of parishioners who are interested in pastoral care ministry has been meeting. Our focus is assistance to members of our parish family in such areas as meals, transportation, errands, and companionship.  We have identified several areas of assistance and groups have been formed to help in each, as follows:  food offering; transportation; receptions; and visits.

Food Offering

A very important activity of the pastoral care ministry is the offering of food to our parishioners in difficult (or very happy) times in their lives. It is a non-intrusive way of reaching out to say: “We know that you have a need, we are here for you.”  It is also a concrete way of supporting both body and soul.  In the past, pastoral care has provided complete meals to families, a “welcome new baby meal,” helped to put on funeral receptions, or put together a simple offering of cakes or cookies to say ”you are not alone.”   A member of the group commented: “I remember Ann Geary delivering a homemade coffee cake to our home when our older son had a serious illness.  It meant so much to us all then, and now.”

Please get in touch with the parish office if you know any members who could benefit from our help, or if you want to volunteer to help provide food.


The pastoral care ministry and other St. John’s volunteers are available to provide transportation to anyone who requires assistance to and from church on Sunday mornings. They are also ready and able to pick up prescriptions or run other critical errands for those who find themselves in need of a short term helping hand.

The newly formed transportation group of the pastoral care ministry is here to help.  If you would like more information regarding this service, or if you would like to join our list of volunteers and help others through one-off assignments, please contact the parish office.