St. Benedict’s Volunteer Guild

Tight on time but still looking for a schedule-friendly activity at St. John’s? Well, you may want to consider our new St. Benedict’s Volunteer Guild.

St. Benedict’s has a simple mandate: to help St. John’s remain a warm and welcoming church community (particularly for newcomers and visitors!).

Currently, the focus is on the weekly coffee hour after the 10 a.m. liturgy. St. Benedict’s members will work on ways to make that an even more valuable time for long-time parishioners, newcomers and visitors to intermingle sociably.

St. Benedict’s also sponsors the annual Ministries Fair which is held in the early fall. At the Ministries Fair, every parish organization and activity takes a place to showcase their ministry within the parish and/or out in the community.   

Please join us and/or communicate your suggestions by contacting Dave Ingram or Scott Swanzey. Volunteers will be contacted as needs are identified.