Daily Office

Prayers throughout the day have been a part of our tradition from the very beginning. There are many resources available for the Daily Office, some of which are listed on this page. St. John’s also offers virtual services of the Daily Office via Zoom throughout the week. Click here for the schedule and links.

Whether these prayers are already part of your current practice or if it is all brand new to you, check out the resources on this page and in the online resources listed below. Take a look at the different services and see which speak to you. Give it a try – it may surprise you!

Click here for the Book of Common Prayer.
Click here for the New Zealand Prayer Book.
Click here for the Daily Office (readings, etc.) from the Mission of Saint Clare.

Morning Prayer, Rite I, from the Book of Common Prayer, p.38:

Prayers for Noon, from the Book of Common Prayer, p.138:

Night Prayer, from A New Zealand Prayer Book:

Compline, from the Book of Common Prayer, p.127: