Donating Securities

How to make a Gift of Stock to the St. John’s General Fund

Determine which of these four situations applies to you and follow the appropriate directions:

Situation 1: If the Grantor(s) maintain a brokerage account outside of Charles Schwab:
The grantor(s) can instruct their broker(s) to deliver the stock to Charles Schwab using the following instructions:
Charles Schwab and Co.
DTC # 0164, Code 40
Account of St. John’s Church General Fund
Account # 841-09795

Situation 2: If the Grantor(s) maintain(s) a Charles Schwab account:
Stock gifts can be made from a Charles Schwab account by instructing the broker to journal stock into the church account (see above). The gift grantor(s) must provide their broker(s) with a letter authorizing the stock transfer to the St. John’s account.

Situation 3: If the stock certificate is held in certificate form in the name of the grantor(s):
The grantor(s) should sign a stock power or the back of the certificate. The signature(s) should match the owner’s name on the front of the certificate. If a stock power is used, only the signature area should be completed. In addition, a relinquishment form should be completed and signed by the gift grantor(s).

Situation 4: If the stock certificate is already in the name of St. John’s Episcopal Church:
Officers of St. John’s Church must complete a resolution that designates an individual to sign the stock power or the back of the certificate. The individual signing the resolution cannot be the same person designated to endorse the certificate or stock power. This resolution should be accompanied by a signed certificate or stock power.

Please note: In order to ensure that the donor’s gift is credited to the contributions record at St. John’s, the donor should notify the parish office at [email protected] or 914.834.2981 with the description and number of shares of the securities being transferred as well as the date of the gift.