Godly Play

Check out these wonderful videos and resources for our youngest members in Godly Play. Check back often, as we add new content regularly. I wonder what we will share next?

Dear parents (and other grown-ups who might choose to listen in),
We are grateful to be able to be able to show you, through these videos, a small slice of what a Sunday morning of Godly Play is like for our children. Our focus is on creating a loving community in which children can listen and wonder together. Within this small community, children are discovering God for themselves. They are letting our sacred stories sink deep into their hearts where the layers of meaning unfold, mostly without words. This series of lessons entitled “The Faces of Easter” tells the story of the Christ from the beginning. In the weeks after Easter, we will bring you more sacred stories and parables to enjoy with your children.
With love,
Jmel Wilson and Carla Berry

Dear children,
How we miss being together with you on Sunday mornings. This is a very hard time we are going through together. Even though we are separated from each other in our own homes, we know that in our hearts we are all connected. We know that God is with us and is loving every person on this earth as we do our best to care for one another. We hope you enjoy seeing these lessons. It is not the same as being together, but maybe you can imagine we are all together, sitting in our story circle.
We love you.
Miss Jmel and Miss Carla

The Parable of the Great Pearl

The Parable of the Mustard Seed

The Parable of the Good Samaritan

The Parable of the Good Shepherd

The Faces of Easter