Share your story: The Pandemic as Pilgrimage

Share your story: The Pandemic as Pilgrimage: I’m inviting you to share your reflections on the pandemic as a pilgrimage . . . a journey that forever changes us and our relationship to God. I would like to gather our reflections together in a “memory book.”

I invite you to collect your thoughts in three areas: 1) What are the blessings that have surprised you during this time, in your own lives and in the life of the church? 2) What are the challenges you have experienced in your own life and for the church? 3) What do you see as steps going forward for you and for St. John’s?

We’re introducing this “newlywords” online platform as an easy way to contribute to the project. Using this online platform, you will be able to submit one or more pages using a format of your choice.  You simply select the type of page you would like to create, add your photos and/or text, and submit.  If you have any technical questions, please contact Linnet Tse.

We also welcome handwritten documents or a piece of art from parishioners of all ages, and would be happy to scan/transcribe them for inclusion in this memory book.

Thank you for sharing in this important and historical work in the life of St. John’s.