Midnight Run Recap and Thanks

Midnight Run Recap and Thanks
Last Friday (January 11, 2019) a small group of St. John’s parishioners went into the Manhattan on a successful Midnight Run.
Karen Hall and Dami Burckin really came through on their promise to organize and supervise a family event by bringing St John’s kids, friends and parents to help us prepare beforehand. Some helped make bagged lunches while others helped count toiletry bags, roll socks, and sort the clothing.  Soup was made by Taddy Hall and family.
There was much laughter and music was provided by the Ballroom Dance class taking place above us. Blessings for the food, thanks for the helpers and prayers for the people we were about to meet were given by Rev. Gwyneth.
At nine thirty, we left for the city where we were soon given a warm wave of welcome at our first stop from a group of about 15 who had been waiting for us under the FDR at 23rd St. Despite temperatures in the 20s, we saw about sixty men and at least 10 women at our four stops.  Everyone took clothes, and most took sandwiches, the warm coffee/hot chocolate and soup.  Blankets, sleeping bags and sneakers were in high demand and the roast beef sandwiches were talked about as a special treat.  Because we had mistakenly double bought milk, we had made our hot chocolate the old-fashioned way—it was noticed and appreciated. (lesson learned!) We heard “God bless you” more times than we could count.
See below for those who helped make it all possible (with apologies to those we may have left off the list):
Karen, Taddy, Penelope and Hadley Hall
Dami, John, Daisy and Evie Burkin
Teresa and Izzy Kim
Jill Brennick, Ellen and Katherine O’Connell
Fiona, Chris, Rory and Vera Farrell
Anna, William, Nikita and Fedya Montgomery
Nicki Eustace and Jay, Jem and Lex Klancnik
Deena, Flannery and Arden Demasi
Liam Monaghan, Alex Diacovo, Ryan Papazaglou, Oliver Maggard
Extra lunches were provided by St. John’s Luthern and United Methodist, parishioners Phoebe Lai and Betsy Bradley, Ken Bond, Lisa Young, and Janine Wickland.
Tori Pough, Christine Grubert, and many anonymous donors of the much-needed clothing, blankets and shoes.
And our regulars who just know what to do without our even asking: MaryLee Berridge, Jmel Wilson, Debby Campbell, Carolyn Gallaher
Our thanks to Chris Isidori, Frank Pierson, Peter and Emily Bennitt and Maddie Robinson for driving and braving the cold for a few hours to make other lives a little warmer.
With many thanks, Melissa and Nancy Pierson and Christina Battalia