Rector Search Update: 09-20-2014

RECTOR SEARCH UPDATE – the next phase begins . . . 

The Rector Search Committee is pleased to share with you the latest news regarding our search.  Over the summer, the Canon for Transition Ministry presented our list of potential rector candidates to Bishop Dietsche, and we received his imprimatur at the end of August.  During the past few weeks we have enthusiastically conducted Skype interviews with eight highly qualified applicants.  The Skype interviews were completed on September 16.  It was very exciting to have an opportunity to talk “face to face” with the applicants and to learn more about their ministries, experiences, and values.

Recently, committee members have begun attending services conducted by candidates who are within driving distance.  Attending services in person provides greater insight into the candidate’s style of leading the worship service, how he/she conducts the liturgy, the quality of sermons, and the dynamic between the parish and its leader.

In October we will carry out more service visits, in-person interviews, and reference checks.  Once this process is complete, we expect to recommend up to three finalists to the Vestry, which will then decide whom to call as the St. John’s rector.

Please continue to pray, along with us, that we may discern whom God is calling as our next rector.  We appreciate the parish’s patience, understanding, and support during this time of transition and anticipation.