Summer Sermon Series: Action Required!

Summer Sermon Series: Action Required! We speak—and sing—a lot in church about the marvelous and many things God has done for us, but how often do we stop to consider what God requires of us? It’s not always an easy or comfortable topic, but being Christian requires us to love, see, and be in the world in radical and frequently challenging ways. Faith requires action. This week, our topic is “Stop and Listen,” as we hear the story of Mary and Martha. Upcoming topics include:

  • July 21: Stop and Listen
  • July 28: Be Persistent
  • August 4: Look Beyond Yourself
  • August 11: Don’t Fall to Fear

You won’t fall behind if you miss a week, but each action described is a step that can carry you closer to God and bring you more fully to a life of wholeness and vitality.