Thank you to all who participated in creating a powerful Holy Week and Easter!

Thank you to all who participated in creating a powerful Holy Week and Easter!
While we could not gather in person, the following people contributed their time and gifts to provide meaningful, and engaging liturgies during these challenging times. From Rev. Lisa:

Behind the scenes for all liturgies:
Anna Toomey, parishioner and owner of Sandy Dog Productions: filmed Lisa, Dorothy, Paul-Martin Maki, ushers, provided supportive photographs of community, incorporated all individual shots of liturgy participants, stations, and musical offerings for an outstanding Holy Week and Easter.
Chris Palmer: compiled all bulletins for both Holy Week and Easter services and daily offices, facilitated the Zoom liturgies, developed and updated the worship and resource pages during this period of no public gatherings. She will continue to do this holy and outstanding work as we go forward in these times.
Laura Rawlings: Facilitating, participating, and offering Nancy Drew’s Guide To Life tips for all Zoom services, running the office from home, and check-ins with parishioners.
Paul-Martin Maki: provided beautiful hymns, anthems, and bell ringing for Holy Week and Easter, and ready to make his first Zoom debut Sunday April 19th.
The Rev Dorothy A. Greene: for co-officiating all Holy Week and Easter services, participating in Zoom services, and being an invaluable source of support to the rector, the staff, and the congregation.

Participants in Holy Week and Easter liturgies:
Palm Sunday:
Readers and Intercessor: Wendy McFee, Angela Nesbitt, and Jmel Wilson
Preacher: The Rev Lisa Mason
Music: Dr. Paul-Martin Maki

Maundy Thursday:
Readers and Intercessor: Phoebe Lai, Tim Wood, Tom White, Ryan & Janet O’Connell
Preacher: The Rev Lisa Mason
Flautist: Holly Mentzer

Good Friday:
Readers: Phoebe Lai, Robin and Dave Ingram
Preacher: The Rev Dorothy A Greene
Music and Bells: Dr. Paul-Martin Maki, members of the St. John’s choir, and Howard Levy

Stations of the Cross:
Station I: The Chubet family
Station II: Frank & Nancy Pierson
Station III: Tom & Sophie Kent
Station IV: The Goh family
Station V: The Foglia family
Station VI: The Hall family
Station VII: The Burckin family
Station VIII: Rick & Carla Berry
Station IX: The Farrell family
Station X: Bob & Diane Goodman
Station XI: Caroline Vance
Station XII: Bob & Dorothy Rainier
Station XIII: Paul Schwendener & Barbara Gessler
Station XIV: The Rev. Dorothy A. Greene

The Passion of Christ from the Gospel of John:
A musical recording by members of the St. John’s Choir from a previous year, accompanied by pictures from the Holy Land taken by The Rev. Lisa Mason

The Easter Vigil:
Readers from St John’s: Kirk Mason and Mike Smith

Easter Sunday:
Readers and Intercessor: George & Susan Matelich and Juliette & John Kvernland
Preacher: The Rev Lisa Mason
Music and Bells: Dr. Paul Martin Maki, members of the St. John’s Choir, and onsite bells: The Rev. Lisa Mason
Hallelujah Chorus Trumpet Solo: Jim Mentzer