This is My St. John’s by Dr. Jacqueline Hornor Plumez

When I think of St. John’s, I think of the many ways the parishioners are giving and generous.

When my son was ill for several years, I was buoyed and supported not just by prayers, but by gifts of soup and dinner.   Anyone who has ever been the caregiver for a very ill family member knows how emotionally, spiritually and physically uplifting the surprise gift of food can be. So it makes me happy to pass on the gift sometimes through the Pastoral Care group.

I also love the fact that St. John’s has such an active outreach program.  I appreciate that it reminds us weekly that regardless of our personal life circumstances, we are blessed to live in the relative safety and beauty of Larchmont, so have a responsibility to share.  Any time I have wanted help to support a charitable cause or issue, I have found enthusiastic support from the clergy and congregation.

It is such a pleasure to usher occasionally, because each person who comes in is an old friend, new friend, or a person I know I will enjoy meeting.  What a group!  So I feel very blessed to be part of the generous St. John’s community. – Dr. Jacqueline Hornor Plumez