This section sets out resources for lay persons who serve in the liturgies and the person in charge of each ministry.  Descriptions of each ministry can be found here.

Resources for Altar Guild Members

The guide for Altar Guild members (the “blue book”) is located in the sacristy.  The calendar for Altar Guild members is found here.
Co-Chairs: Ann Kirkham, Nancy Pierson

Resources for Eucharistic Ministers

St. John’s Larchmont Eucharistic Ministry Instructions
Preparing the Chalice & Glossary of Terms
The calendar for Eucharistic ministers is found here.
Coordinator: Juliette Kvernland

Resources for Lectors

The Lectionary Readings
Introducing the Scripture Readings
Lector Etiquette
A Pronunciation Guide (Although if you say it with authority, it generally won’t matter if it’s correct!)
Coordinators: Jmel Wilson & Wendy McFee

Resources for Ushers

St. John’s Ushering Checklist
Coordinators: Vestry