Easter Appeal 2018

Happy Easter!  In celebration of our many blessings, St. John’s is continuing the wonderful tradition of coming together in this season of hope and joy to support a charitable project of great value to our community.

This year, furthering our mission to offer time, talent and treasure to help those close to home, the beneficiary of the 2018 Easter Appeal will be St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Port Chester, NY.  Our goal is to enable St. Peter’s to purchase all of the items listed below, resources critically needed to support their community-sustaining outreach programs.  Our list is ambitious, but each item will have a measurable impact on the life of our neighbors.  We think we can do it!


  1. Walk-in freezer to supplement the purchasing power of St. Peter’s well-attended meal programs
  2. Laptop computers to use in both St. Peter’s After School Program and Summer Camp
  3. St. Peter’s Summer School/Camp scholarships—so that every child who would like to (and needs to) can attend


Travel six miles up 95, take exit 21 to Main Street and Smith, turn left at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, and prepare to be inspired.

As you enter, notice the workers in the kitchen—some are parishioners, some volunteers, some paid—finishing up breakfast and already preparing for lunch.  Others are sorting the vegetables being dropped off in the parish hall for the food pantry held on Saturday mornings in the parking lot, while still others are making preparations in the classrooms for children who will be arriving shortly for St. Peter’s After School Program.

The entire church is open, alive, and full of light—Father Hilario Albert’s goals when he arrived in 2004 to a locked, desolate, and darkened building in need of repair.

This is not a wealthy parish; even a brief walk through the church reveals many areas still in need of renovation, restoration, and even the most basic repair.  (In fact, St. John’s parishioners will help St. Peter’s restore some of those areas in Beyond our Walls on May 12th.  Please plan to join us as we share some hands-on acts of fellowship!)

Despite this, the number of community outreach programs St. Peter’s has created and supported within its walls over the last several years is extraordinary:

Neighborhood Dinner, Green Thumb Vegetable Distribution, Mobile Food Bank,
After School Program, Summer School/Camp, AA Support Group

But what is truly inspirational at St. Peter’s is the spirit of Christian community that works to strengthen and uplift each member even as it strengthens and uplifts its physical surroundings.

 1. Walk – In Freezer   ($12,000 +/-)

When asked to name their number one “wish”, both Fr. Albert and Mo. Kristin spontaneously said, ‘Walk-in freezer!”  Why? St. Peter’s feeds 11,000 people annually within its walls.  

 St. Peter’s Neighborhood Dinner was founded by 5 volunteers in 2005 to fill the need for a Sunday feeding program in Port Chester.  Its original attendees included both parishioners from the Sunday service and members of the community.  It now serves a hot meal to the community at large 3 times a week to which all are welcome.  Food is still prepared by volunteers, whether from the parish, the community, or local partner organizations. (St. John’s has been invited to join in one Sunday afternoon.) With the acquisition of this freezer, St. Peter’s could buy and freeze in bulk, greatly increasing the kitchen’s ability to use food efficiently and buy it cost effectively.

2. Laptop Computers   ($1,500 ea.   x   6 +)

When was the last time your child needed a computer to complete homework?   When didn’t she/he?  This is the situation facing St. Peter’s After School Program, which was created in response to a great need in Port Chester for safe, affordable programming after school.

Approximately 20 children in grades 1-5 receive academic tutoring as well as the opportunity to participate in art, music, and other activities.  A separate ‘computer room’ currently holds a few nonfunctional desktop computers donated by local businesses.   Fr. Albert dreams of having 6 fully functional computers available to his students.

Other Uses:

  • Activities at St. Peter’s Summer Camp
  • Evening classes to instruct adults in computer use
  • Numerous applications throughout the church

3. St. Peter’s Summer Program—Scholarships   ($1,000/child x 10 minimum)

St. Peter’s Summer Program is an educational and recreational program that allows children to continue learning for 8 weeks during the summer months of June, July and August.  Children are taught academic subjects in the morning and take trips to parks, pools, and museums or participate in activities such as music, painting, and dance during the afternoon.  Importantly, breakfast, snack and lunch are provided.

Full tuition is $1,000/camper.  Tuition is charged on a sliding scale based on ability to p

ay; a few full scholarships are offered according to St. Peter’s resources.  As of last week, Fr. Albert had identified 10 full-scholarship needs, but currently has sufficient funding for the camp alone.  Any donations made in

excess of this year’s scholarship needs would be put towards next year’s scholarship program.

Inspiring fact:  Most of the high school and college student counselors are graduates of St. Peter’s Camp themselves!

COME MEET FR. HILARIO ALBERT—Sunday, April 22, 2018 (8:00 am and 10:00 am)

Please come and hear Fr. Hilaro Albert preach at St. John’s about this very important ministry on April 22, 2018, at both  8:00 and 10:00 o’clock, and greet him afterwards at coffee hour.  He will present a short, uplifting video of St. Peter’s Summer Camp that will put a smile on your face—promise!


As we await the arrival of spring, please think about how you can spread a little warmth yourself—and make a contribution to help this very worthy neighbor.

You can make a donation by either clicking the link below, or sending a check made out to St. John’s with “Easter Appeal 2018” designated on the memo line.

Thank you very much,

The 2018 Easter Appeal Committee
on behalf of St. John’s Vestry