Time & Talent: Upcoming Outreach Opportunities

Midnight Run
On June 14th, a group of our parishioners went into Manhattan to deliver food, clothes, toiletries, and conversation to people who are homeless. We had a very warm and clear night with many more men and women out and about on each stop – we had about twice as many people (80+) than we expected. They were very grateful and looked out for each other. One woman took a blanket and then returned it so we could give it to someone else. It was a very touching reminder that dignity is still alive for people in unpleasant circumstances.

But before we did our part, an amazing group of volunteers helped to make it possible. From donating clothes, buying socks and underwear, helping us sort through it all, and making lunches, we have seen how our church can come together in a great cause. In total, we had about 25 people involved this run. A round of applause must also be extended to Cassandre Collazo and her Girl Scout troop (#3205) in the Bronx. Without their dedication to make 56 lunches, we would have been lost.

At the end of the evening, we had given out all the lunches, toiletries, and most of the clothing to very grateful people. It is, as always, a humbling and rewarding experience and we wanted to thank everyone who helped us.

Thank you all,
Melissa and Christina

Beyond Our Walls
Hands On Service Project at Trinity St. Paul’s Church in New Rochelle
We had over 60 volunteers at this year’s Beyond Our Walls. Thanks to all who participated! Pictures coming soon.

We are looking for volunteers to drive next year’s project. If you are interested, please contact Andy Brenner.