Christian Education

All of our Formation groups are currently meeting remotely. Click here for the schedule.

Sunday-school classes are offered for children three-years old through fifth grade during the 10am liturgy. Parents of all children must complete this health screening form before arriving. Children are dropped off outside at the Sunday School tents, next to the Rectory Lawn.

Pre-K through 2nd Grade

  • Meet outside, behind the church, next to the Rectory lawn.
  • Our youngest Sunday School students are taught using the Godly Play curriculum. Godly Play is an internationally recognized and acclaimed program based on the principles of Montessori education.

3rd through 5th grades

  • Click here for our current guidelines for the 2020-21 program year.
  • We will meet outside, behind Church, next to the Rectory Lawn during the 10am Church Service.
  • Older students are using the Be Bold curriculum.
  • Voyagers (sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students)

    Known as the “Voyagers,” sixth through eighth students meet approximately twice a month during the academic year on Wednesday evenings for pizza and a lively exploration of our Christian faith. Lessons and discussions relate to their middle-school lives as well as the larger world around them. Each class concentrates on one well-known Bible story and its relevance to the lives of today’s youth, as well as a focus on their Episcopal identity.

    Meeting remotely due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Voyagers have been very creative in their discussions and projects. Check out this retelling of the Joseph story that they produced this Spring:

    In the past, Voyagers have also participated in several outreach opportunities, including an overnight trip to the Heifer International farm in Rutland, Mass, serving others at a community dinner and sorting groceries at a nearby food pantry.

    Voyagers Caroling 2015 small

    Voyagers Caroling in the Neighborhood

    Confirmation Class

    Students in ninth grade and older are invited to receive the sacrament of confirmation. Confirmation classes will begin September 27 with a family orientation. Classes will be held every other Sunday from 4:30-5:45 and are led by one of the clergy.

    High School Youth Group

    This year, on the first and third Sundays of the month, high school students are invited to come together to enjoy each other’s company, ask hard (and easy) questions, explore what it means to make good decisions and become more fully our true selves, provide opportunity for listening and being heard, consider how best to share Jesus’ love with our world, and most importantly, cultivate space for encountering the living God.

    Special-Needs Students and Sunday School

    Our Class Buddies program pairs specially chosen high-school students as “shadows” for special-needs learners in the Sunday-school classroom. Class Buddies allows children who require a little extra guidance or support because of developmental hurdles to experience the love of Christ and spiritual development in the Sunday-school class environment. For more information, contact Rev. Lisa.