Read the answers to some of the questions that newcomers to St. John’s often have:

  • Who can join St. John’s? We welcome all new members to this diverse community. Simply introduce yourself to a member of the clergy – or any member of the parish – and we will make sure you are made to feel at home quickly!
  • What can you tell me about your members and their experiences here? Why not hear what members say themselves about their life at St. John’s by going to This Is My St. John’s!
  • Do I have to be Episcopalian to attend services here? Not at all. St. John’s welcomes people from all denominations (or none) and backgrounds. Our services, fellowship and outreach programs are open and inclusive. Instruction in the tenets of our faith is always available, but is by no means required.
  • Do I have to be a baptized Episcopalian to participate in the Eucharist on Sunday? No. All baptized Christians, including children, are encouraged to take Communion.
  • What activities do you have for children? As you can see from the Children/Youth section, we have a full range of Sunday-school programs from September through May as well as outreach opportunities for older children. Babysitting for infants and toddlers is available during the 10 a.m. service all year round, free of charge.
  • Do you have a nursery school? Yes. As a service to our community, for both members and nonmembers, St. John’s operates a weekday nursery school for 2-, 3- and 4-year-olds. The children of St. John’s members are given priority in terms of enrollment. For more information, see the nursery school website or contact the director, Catherine Bucci (914) 833-2870.
  • What activities do you have for adults? As you can see from the Outreach and Connect sections of our website, St. John’s has many opportunities for adults to be involved in meaningful activities that broaden our faith perspective and provide fellowship, including gathering to learn more about the Christian faith in Adult Education courses and helping those in need outside of our walls.
  • How do I contribute as a member? As members of the St. John’s community, parishioners contribute their time, energy and money. Time and energy are given in service. We also have an annual stewardship campaign, seeking a pledge from each parishioner according to their means, to finance the parish’s operations.
  • Why does St. John’s have capital campaigns and do I have to contribute?  Capital campaigns are used to raise money for major maintenance/structural work for our aging facilities, projects that are too costly to include in our annual operating budget. St. John’s has held two successful capital campaigns over the past decade or so; the most recent one was held in 2012 and raised $0.9 million to address electrical and other infrastructure work. Participation in capital campaigns is encouraged, but totally voluntary.
  • Can I sing in the choir? Absolutely. St. John’s has a full program of choral music for adults and children. Read more about our choir program.